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I am currently restoring some windows at the Commanders Mansion in Watertown, MA.

The Commanders Mansion was built before the Civil War as  Commanding Officer’s Quarters. It is a stunning example of Victorian architecture. It is one of the highlights of the Watertown Arsenal site, and remains virtually unaltered after over 100 years’ residence by Watertown commanding officers. The three -story brick Bracketed style mansion, approached by way of the tree-lined Talcott Avenue  overlooks the Charles River. Its hipped roof is crested with a wooden balustrade, and chimneys of paneled brickwork add to the irregular silhouette characteristic of the period. A Victorian veranda surrounds part of the house and supporting the porch roof are delicate single and paired Corinthian cast-iron columns from which spring arches of lace-like ironwork. Paneled brick pilasters place emphasis at the corners and a series of brackets supports the heavy cornice.

 It is used today as a venue for Weddings.  Check out the website

There are 7 window in the attic that were in bad shape. On some window animals had gotten in to the attic and chewed the bottom rails and vertical muntins.

I use dutchman repairs and epoxy to repair the sashes.


Here is a great discussion on the value of replacing instead of restoring old wooden windows.

There has been a lot of discussion if it is worth it to restore old windows or replace.  My expertise is restoring your old double hung or casement windows.

In many cases the old construction of your windows is far superior to windows today. You are also keeping the original character of your home.

By restoring the old to new condition with an addition of a storm ,either an interior or exterior,  you can greatly increase the weather efficiency for your home.

Contact me and I can tell you all about it.