I was recently asked to remove and restore 2 wooden doors located at the Stevens Memorial Library in North Andover, MA. These doors are over 100 years old that had seen better days. The doors were covered in paint that hid some beautiful carvings. The fielded panels were cracked and there was damage to the bottom rails.

The doors were removed and temporary doors were put in.



After stripping off the many layers of paint the carvings were revealed.

IMG_3633             IMG_3849

Because the carvings were so nice it was decided that they should not be covered again by paint.
The doors were put on a bench. The rotted sections were removed and replaced. the panels were removed and re glued.

IMG_3844           IMG_3898     IMG_3625
After the restoration process was complete the doors were stained a light stain to even out the color and a marine glaze was added to complete the process.