On April 2, 2015 I was asked by the Andover MA Historical Commision to give a demonstration on restoring old windows.

The audience was made up of the general public and applicants applying, to the commision, to do some window repair on their homes in the historical district.

I made a replica of a typical old double hung setup. I retrieved an upper and lower  double hung sashes from New England Demo in New Bedford, MA.

I then constructed a typical installation with frame, sills, comple wit traditional window weights.I included an exterior storm window.

I did this so I could demonstrate the techniques I use to restore an old window.

This included how I strip the old sash using an Ifra Red Paint Stripper called The Silent Paint Remover. The stripped sash is sanded then repaired using epoxy. The sash is then primed with a very durable paint called The Fine Paints of Europe. This primer and paint is a very superior paint that is not only beautiful in its application,  but far superior in its long lasting capability.

The glass is added using a Linceed Oil based glazing compound.

The sashes are installed with a Z Bronze weather stripping on the sides and a Tube Seal added to the top of the top sash and the bottom off the bottom sash. An additional Leaf Seal is add to the mid rail.

I replace the sash cord with a brass coated chain that is attached to the sash weights.

With the added exterior storm, or instead an addition of a interior storm, the old decreped window is transformed into a newly restored window that will last for many years.

I believe the domonstration was a success and that it showed people that they can keep their old windows insteading of throwing them away.